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Israeli PM warns new restrictions amid fresh coronavirus outbreak

Top News2020-06-01


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned on Sunday that new restrictions will be re-imposed if the coronavirus spread in the country continues, after most of the lockdown rules had been lifted.

Speaking during Israel's weekly cabinet meeting in Jerusalem, Netanyahu told his ministers that recent days showed a steep increase in the number of the confirmed cases of coronavirus.

"The coronavirus is not behind us," said Netanyahu. "In order to know if there is a real trend change, we will review our next steps over the next few days and if needed we will change the policy accordingly," he said.

On Saturday, Netanyahu addressed the nation and warned that "there has been a general loosening in discipline." He urged people to wear masks and keep social distancing.

On Friday, Israel recorded 115 new confirmed cases of coronavirus, the highest daily increase since the beginning of May, according to official figures by the Health Ministry.

At least 78 of them are students and staff members at the Hebrew Gymnasium, a prestigious high school in Jerusalem. The outbreak was diagnosed some ten days after the school was re-opened.

Overall, there were on Sunday 1,917 people infected with the coronavirus in Israel, 36 of them in a serious condition.

Israel has lifted over the past two weeks most of the lockdown rules, including re-opening of schools, kindergartens, shops, swimming pools, restaurants and cafes.


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