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Int'l community provides aid to China to support anti-epidemic efforts

Top News2020-02-02


The international community has been pouring in aid to China to support its efforts to prevent and control the outbreak of the novel coronavirus.

The Pakistani government has allocated 300,000 medical masks, 800 hazmat suits and 6,800 pairs of gloves from the stocks of public hospitals around the nation and transported the aid to China.

The medical supplies from Pakistan arrived in China on Saturday afternoon.

South Korea also offered large amounts of medical and anti-epidemic materials to China, including 2 million face masks, 1 million medical masks, 100,000 hazmat suits and 100,000 pairs of goggles.

These supplies are being transported to the virus-hit central Chinese city of Wuhan in shipments.

The governments of Russia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Kazakhstan, Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Austria, Australia, Algeria, Iran and Turkey among other countries have also offered donations of anti-epidemic medical supplies to express their firm support for China's fight against the epidemic.


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