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Indian Government to Launch 'Catch the Rain' Campaign to Promote Water Conservation: PM Modi

Top News2021-03-01


In the most recent episode of his monthly radio programme "Mann Ki Baat", Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation, announcing the government's Jal Shakti Ministry (Department of Water Resources) is set to launch a 100-day campaign called "Catch the Rain" to promote water conservation in the country.

Ahead of summer in India and World Water Day on 22 March, PM Modi stressed that this is the best time to collectively make efforts towards water conservation and urged citizens to take up a 100-day campaign to clean up water bodies and prepare them for rainwater harvesting before the monsoon season.

"In most parts of India, rain starts in May-June. Can we run a 100-day campaign to clear the water reservoirs to conserve water? Jal Shakti Ministry will soon begin a similar campaign 'Catch the Rain'. The key mantra of the campaign is - catch the rain, where it falls, when it falls", PM Modi said.

He further added that "From now on, we'll get the rain water harvesting system - already in place - and make it function. We will get villages, ponds cleaned to help increase water harvesting".

He emphasised that water has been crucial for the development of humankind for centuries.

"Water is life for us, it is also faith and it is also a stream of development …Water has been crucial for the development of humankind for centuries… We must understand our responsibility towards water conservation", he signed off.


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