Czech politicians may soon need to register property upon assuming office

​Czech politicians may soon need to submit property statements upon assuming office to a register to be managed by the Justice Ministry, Czech Legislation Minister Jiri Dienstbier said Wednesday.


China considers regulating international cooperation in seed industries

China is considering regulating seed industries involved in business with foreign seed enterprises to safeguard its sovereignty over seed resources.


Myanmar parliament adopts suffrage of white card holders

​Myanmar's parliament has adopted suffrage of white card holders, allowing them to vote on the national referendum bill on constitution amendment, local media reported Tuesday.


Myanmar's parliament re-proposes holding six-party talks for constitution amendment

​Myanmar's parliament on Thursday re- proposed holding six-party talks as soon as possible to work out a framework for constitution amendment, stressing that alternative talks are not what it hopes for, parliament sources said.


U.S. House freezes Obama's delayed deportation program

​The House of U.S. Congress on Wednesday adopted an amendment to freeze a 2012 program allowing illegal immigrants who came to the U.S. as children to apply for work permits.


Campaigners call for tobacco advertising ban

Health professionals and tobacco control experts in China have called for tobacco advertising to be fully outlawed as the draft amendment to the Advertising Law failed to stipulate the ban explicitly.

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