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Samsung unveils next generation of smartphones

Science & Military2020-02-12


Samsung is unveiling three new smartphones at today's Unpacked event, the Galaxy S20, S20+ and S20 Ultra, which will be launched from 13 March 2020.

While the company may be skipping the teens by jumping from the S10 to the S20 (aligning the numbers of the flagship line with the calendar year) the phone's features are definitely designed for social media content creators as a target market.

A triple camera set-up on the phone's rear - rising to a quadruple camera set-up with the S20+ and S20 Ultra - offers high quality video recording up to 8K, while in-camera apps and features will also contribute to making it easier for users to produce new content.

Image:The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra offers up to 100x zoom

In particular, Single Take offers users access to the Galaxy S20's AI in order to curate moments captured in video.

It uses all of the cameras on the rear of the device and simply records the user's actions for up to 10 seconds, before presenting the device user with a selection of content.

The S20 comes with a 6.2" AMOLED display with 563 pixels per inch (ppi), while the S20+ has a 6.7" display with 525ppi and the S20 Ultra a 6.9" screen with 511ppi.

The S20 Ultra is particularly kitted out for video recording, with an even more powerful wide-angle lens capable of capturing 108MP images with an F1.8 aperture.

Nona-binning technology is Samsung's new image processing software, named after the pixel binning technology used by smartphones to compete with the larger sensor on many DSLR cameras, combining nine pixels into one to handle low-light conditions.

Pro Mode allows users to use their smartphones like DSLR cameras too, manually adjusting the camera's settings themselves to give them more creative freedom.

Image:The Galaxy S20 has a hole at the top centre of the screen for the front-facing camera

Image:The phones are available in pastel pink, blue, grey and charcoal black

Speaking to Sky News, Samsung's senior product manager for Europe, Mark Holloway, acknowledged the phone's features such as Singly Take were "absolutely" a matter of targeting social media users.

"Everyone wants to capture content and depending on their skill, we've got them covered," he said.

A new flip phone, first teased during his year's Academy Awards ceremony, was also set to be unveiled at the event, the Galaxy S20 range was the main attraction, however.

Image:Samsung released an ad for its new flip phone during the Oscars

For point-and-shoot photographers, the team has put a lot of automation into the camera to allow users to take sharp photographs regardless of the environmental conditions, including lack of light.

"We wanted to make sure that we have features that really help influencers or other people that are looking to create new content," Mr Holloway told Sky News.

"So we know that when people are recording videos usually they're taking frames out of that through editing software, which is quite slow - sometimes a bit tedious - so we wanted to make sure that easy to do though 8K recording, you simply press the capture button and record an image from that video."


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