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Researchers find two drugs that can effectively inhibit coronavirus

Science & Military2020-02-05


The research team of Li Lanjuan, one of China's leading scientists in the fight against the novel coronavirus, announced a major breakthrough on Tuesday, China's Changjiang daily reported.Preliminary tests showed that two drugs - Abidol and Darunavir – can effectively inhibit the virus in vitro cell experiments, according to Li, who is also a professor at Zhejiang University. She has brought medical personnel from east China's Zhejiang Province to central China's Hubei Province, hoping to enhance the emergency treatment of newly-infected patients.

The professor said that the anti-HIV drug Kelizhi, which is currently being used, is not very effective and has side effects.She recommended the two new drugs to be included in the National Health Commission's treatment program of the novel coronavirus-caused pneumonia.Chen Zuobing, another scientist from the team, reminded the two drugs should not be taken without medical guidance.

Chen, who is also the deputy president of the First Hospital affiliated with Zhejiang University, said that the two drugs have been used in the treatment of patients infected by the virus in Zhejiang Province, and will replace other drugs with inferior effectiveness in the next step.


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