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How do animals keep warm in subzero temperatures?

Science & Military2018-12-06


Winter is coming! While humans wear more layers of clothes to keep warm, animals have to make use of other things to trap their body heat to survive in the winter. Here are some of the ways our cute friends get through the cold winter.

Group huddling is one of their favorite. Emperor penguins usually huddle together to share the warmth. Research shows that the penguins stand barely touching each other to avoid their feathers being compressed. They can also lean back and pick their toes up off the ice to decrease heat loss.

Some animals have learned from humans to stay warm by getting close to a bonfire or heating radiators. The fat-tailed lemur usually sleeps through the winter of its native Madagascar, and now they can keep warm by sitting on heating radiators. Japanese macaques even relax in the hot spring to warm up in the Jigokudani valley in Japan. 


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