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Chinese Carmaker Beiqi Foton Motor Launches Foton Toano EV in Munich as Part of Efforts to Accelerate Expansion into Europe



MUNICH, July 14, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Chinese carmaker Beiqi Foton Motor Co., Ltd. announced the official launch of the Foton Toano EV, a pure connected electric vehicle, in Munich, Germany, an important European hub, on July 13. The launch signals another key step for Beiqi Foton Motor in its expansion into the high-end vehicle market.

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As a representative of smart manufacturing in China, Foton Toano EV's launch in Europe is a rare event among made-in-China vehicles.

The strength of the Foton Toano EV

As part of its expansion into the high-end new energy vehicle market, the Foton Toano EV helps the Chinese carmaker differentiate itself and establish a footprint in Europe. Wherein lies Foton's strength?

Foton Toano EV's complete vehicles are designed by the research and development center in Stuttgart, Germany. Complete vehicle performance including bearing, braking, and suspension, drive and control systems, as well as sealing and noise, have all met German standards. 

In addition, with an attractive and fashionable appearance, huge cargo space and ultra-low driving costs, the Foton Toano EV is not only an ideal vehicle for businesses that need to receive and entertain important clients, but can also serve as a an across-the-industry standard for a customized solution.

Transnational cooperation defines new driving ecology 

The appearance of the vehicle in Europe demonstrates that Beiqi Foton Motor's strategy of taking the lead in research and development of high-end products through the import of the necessary technology and an innovative approach on how to cooperate with its partners is starting to measurably pay off.

By embracing the current trend of automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies encapsulated in Industry 4.0, Beiqi Foton Motor, one of world's leading commercial vehicle manufacturers, has, through a combination of an optimized leveraging of global resources in tandem with customized and personalized products, become a living example of the positive results of "smart manufacturing in China." As a high-end result that is representative of Chinese brands, Foton Toano EV's entry into the European market is expected to soon become another calling card for "smart manufacturing in China."

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