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Tokyo reports 188 new daily COVID-19 cases as city braces for holiday exodus

Top News2020-08-12


The Tokyo metropolitan government on Tuesday confirmed 188 new daily COVID-19 cases, marking the second straight day infections have remained below the 200-mark.

The latest figure, however, compares with 197 cases recorded on Monday following Sunday's tally where cases surged to 331.

People in Tokyo have been urged to refrain from traveling to their hometowns for family reunions during the Bon holiday period which usually sees an annual mass-exodus from the capital, as well as dining out in large groups over extended periods, or attending smaller gathering in close proximity with others.

The Tokyo metropolitan government has maintained its alert level at the highest on its four-tier scale, meaning that "infections are spreading," and has warned residents to maintain the utmost caution.

As for those testing positive Tuesday, people in their 20s and 30s comprised 108 people accounting for around 57 percent of the total, the metropolitan government said.

Tokyo's cumulative number of infections now stands at 16,252, the highest among Japan's 47 prefectures and compares to a nationwide total that surpassed 50,000 on Monday.

In just one week prior to this, 10,000 new cases were added as large urban areas like Tokyo and Osaka have seen the virus' rapid resurgence since the state of emergency was fully lifted on May 25.

Establishments serving alcohol like bars, restaurants and karaoke parlors have been requested by the Tokyo metropolitan government to close their businesses by 10:00 p.m nightly for the majority of August.


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