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Turkey vows to maintain peace, security in Syria



Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Wednesday that Turkey will do its best to maintain peace, security and stability in Syria, emphasizing political unity and territorial integrity of the neighboring country as a priority.

"Maintaining the political unity and territorial integrity of Syria, establishing peace on the ground and a lasting solution to the conflict are our priority," he said at a trilateral video conference with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

"We'll continue to do our best to provide peace, security and stability in our neighboring Syria as soon as possible," Erdogan said, noting the cooperation between guarantors of the Astana process will be decisive for the future of Syria.

The Astana process was launched by Russia, Turkey and Iran in January 2017 in an effort to bring all warring parties in Syria to the negotiating table as a complement to the UN-sponsored peace talks in Geneva.


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