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Mayors' forum on alcoholic beverage industry held in Chengdu



The China (Chengdu)-Europe Mayors' Forum on the Alcoholic Beverage Industry, jointly sponsored by the foreign affairs office of the Chengdu city government and the Qionglai city government, was held on May 11 in Chengdu, capital of Southwest China's Sichuan province.


Nearly 40 representatives of consulate generals in Chengdu and Chongqing, as well as trade institutions from countries such as Spain, the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Japan, Chile, Austria, Italy, Germany, and the Netherlands participated in the event in-person, while more than 500 representatives from over 50 government agencies, wineries and alcoholic beverage companies, and cultural heritage projects from around the world attended the forum online.

During the event, participants shared their experience and insights into topics such as the preservation of alcoholic beverage culture, the protection of alcoholic beverage cultural sites, and the integrated development of the alcoholic beverage industry, discussed current challenges and opportunities, and expressed a common desire to strengthen alcoholic beverage-related exchanges and cooperation in the alcoholic beverage industry.


The International Alcohol Producer Alliance was officially inaugurated during the event. The alliance will promote platform co-construction, resource sharing, talent training and development links among its members to boost the sustainable and healthy development of the international alcoholic beverage industry.

An industry cooperation initiative for global alcoholic beverage cities was also released during the event, reaching a consensus on strengthening cooperation in alcoholic beverage culture preservation and exchange, interactions within the alcoholic beverage industry, talent training exchange, joint promotion, brand cultivation and innovation, and low-carbon development.

To further promote pragmatic cooperation among alcoholic beverage production areas around the world, the Qionglai city government signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the EU Project Innovation Centre (EUPIC) and the Hungarian Export Promotion Agency.


Qionglai city promoted itself during the event and released a list of investment opportunities involving new business types and scenarios such as new energy materials, digital intelligence, and diversified commerce.

Qionglai is China's largest base liquor production base and is home to a number of renowned companies and experts in the field of alcoholic beverages, with the market share of some products ranking first in the country, according to local officials.

Wang Dezhang, mayor of Qionglai, said the city will take the event as an opportunity to strengthen exchanges and cooperation with cities around the world in the preservation of alcoholic beverage culture and the development of the alcoholic beverage industry.


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