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Business growth enhanced by Tianfu New Area innovation



Over the past year, the Sichuan Tianfu New Area has carried out in-depth innovation and reform in boosting business environment based on its one-stop integrated services in such aspects as enterprise management, talent and litigation.

"It only took more than half an hour to complete the registered capital increase, business and tax changes, and get a new business license," said an executive surnamed Zhang at Chengdu Lyusheng Agricultural Development.

The Tianfu New Area is exerting efforts to optimize the process of the agricultural and rural affairs and create a "one-stop" service platform.

The new area's administrative examination and approval bureau, taxation bureau and the local branch of the Agricultural Bank of China have integrated government services to build a revitalization service center providing specialized services for agriculture-related economic organizations and individuals such as enterprises, farmers' professional cooperatives and commercial households. The service of the center mainly includes agriculture-related policy consultation, registration of agriculture-related economic organizations, handling of agriculture-related approval services, and provision of agriculture-related financial products.

The comprehensive service platform, in accordance with the "one-window acceptance, approval and issuance", maximizes the handling of "agriculture-related" enterprises and affairs.

There is also the pilot work in the reform of "one industry for one certificate" in the area.

In December 2021, Deng, a corporate representative of Chengdu Huatian Meiyue Culture Communication, received a new business license at the area's government affairs service center.

There is a QR code measuring square centimeters in the upper right corner of the business license, which condenses the "identity information "of the enterprise.

By scanning this "enterprise identification code", visitors can find the unified social credit code and basic information such as the address of the company and its businesses.

"According to the current market access system, market entities need to apply for multiple licenses and prepare sets of application materials to carry out business activities, which are often time-consuming and labor-intensive," said a director at the administrative approval bureau of the area.

He said the reform of "one certificate for one industry" integrates multiple sets of application materials required for different license applications into one, which further reduces the administrative license processing materials involved in the industry, shortens the time limit and simplifies the process.

Tailored services

Gao Min, general manager of Sichuan Jianshan Technology, was thankful for the service of the Tianfu New Area when he was in the early stage of the business in 2016.

"We had no office and worked in a residential building at that time. We learned that the Tianfu New Area has provided a virtual registered address for small and micro enterprises like us, which perfectly solved our troubles, so we settled in here," Gao said.

Since it settled in the new area, thanks to the good entrepreneurial environment and considerate talent policy in the area, Jianshan Technology has achieved leap-forward development.

In just a few years, the number of its staff members has grown from four people at the beginning to nearly 300, and the revenue has reached nearly 100 million yuan ($15.79 million). "Thanks to the strong support of the Tianfu New Area, we were able to apply cutting-edge technological achievements in the practice of urban management for the first time," Gao said.

Through the digital twin technology, it not only reduces the trial and error cost in urban construction, but also helps Jianshan Technology to improve the product function design according to customers' needs in practice. At the same time, the launch of the Tianfu Talents Program has helped Jianshan Technology to attract more professionals and continue to help the company's development.

"The Tianfu New Area provides 'one-stop' caring services for talents in terms of housing, medical treatment, consumption, and children's schooling, so that people can feel the joy of being valued, discovered, and have a sense of presence in the city," Gao said.

Wang Zongfu, general manager of Chengdu Huirong Guoke Microsystem Technology, also has a deep understanding of the enterprise and talent services in Tianfu New Area.

Wang came to the area in 2017 and established Huirong Guoke, dedicated to the research and development of low-altitude intelligent detection radar.

"The Tianfu New Area has always insisted on a people-oriented strategy," Wang said, adding that the area not only has held the concept of attracting talented people and promoting business, but also offered favorable services.

"Enterprises with different life cycles and talents at different levels can obtain corresponding policy support and services in Tianfu New Area."

He said the Tianfu New Area will arrange special personnel to provide consulting services, understand the development needs of enterprises and solve problems encountered by enterprises and talents.

At the same time, a cloud service platform for innovative and entrepreneurial talents has been built, which can provide "one-stop" service online and improve the user experience of enterprises and talents.

For example, Wang said since the company settled in the area, due to the continuous expansion of the scale, the company has changed its office three times during the period. Each time, the demand was reflected online and the problem was quickly solved.

"With the full range of intimate services in the Tianfu New Area, enterprises only need to focus on their main business and talent training, and they can walk on the road of innovation and entrepreneurship easier and faster," he said.

Focusing on the full-life-cycle services for talents, the Tianfu New Area has implemented the Tianfu Talents Program, set up a special fund of 1 billion yuan for talent development, and introduced a"1 plus N" policy system to meet the multidimensional needs of talents. To further improve the talent service, the Tianfu New Area has established a talent service network with the Tianfu Talent Center as the core hub and a grid of talent workstations, providing "one-stop" services such as policy consultation, agency services and problem feedback.

A new "one-stop" mode

The rule of law is the best business environment. The Tianfu New Area Court, on the basis of the establishment of the Civil Property Preservation Center, has constructed a new "one-stop" preservation model by reconstructing the process, standardizing the mechanism and improving the quality and efficiency of handling property preservation cases.

It aims to protect the legitimate rights and interests of the parties in accordance with the law and provide a strong legal guarantee for the optimization of the business environment in the area

The court has centralized the pre-litigation, in-litigation, and pre-enforcement property preservation cases originally undertaken by various departments to the Civil Property Preservation Center, and implemented a one-stop mechanism in acceptance, review, implementation, and emergency.

During the filing stage, the identification of complex and simple cases was carried out, and the average processing cycle for simple cases was shortened to three working days, realizing quick protection for simple cases and detailed protection for complex cases.

Thanks to the new one-stop handling mode, petty, financial, intellectual property and other cases can be secured within 24 hours through the green channel of the Civil Property Preservation Center.

Up to now, the preservation center has handled 4,311 preservation cases in a centralized manner and provided more than 10,000 consultations to the masses, and the average processing time has been shortened to 14.86 days.

The view of the Sichuan Tianfu New Area. CHINA DAILY

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