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Video blogger breaks world record again



The number of YouTube subscribers for Chinese vlogger Li Ziqi reached 14.1 million on Jan 25, breaking a world record as the vlogger with the most subscribers on YouTube's Chinese channel, Guinness World Records said on Tuesday.

Li, 31, went viral overseas in recent years with her short videos about cooking Chinese food, traditional Chinese handicrafts such as embroidery and idyllic rural life in China.

A netizen commented on one of Li's videos about homemade wine: This girl is inspiring millions to return to their roots and live with the earth.

Following a video about cooking potatoes, another netizen commented: In today's world of pandemic and chaos, I am sure that her home is the most peaceful place on Earth.

In 2017, Li released her first video on YouTube explaining how to dye a dress using the skins of grapes. On July 16 last year, she had 11.4 million followers on YouTube, breaking the Guinness record at the time.

She increased the record again on Jan 25. Experts say she successfully teaches people to appreciate Chinese culture worldwide.


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