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People across city come together in enthusiasm



When Luo Yangdanlin heard that the 31st Summer World University Games are to be held in Chengdu, where she was born and raised, she wanted to be a volunteer. She said: "There is no reason not to participate in this multisport event held in my home."

Having gone through a long interview process, Luo stood out against fierce competition and became a WUG volunteer. Now she is responsible for communicating with sponsors and assisting in the preparation of documents and conferences.

There are many people as passionate as her. To date, the number of registered volunteers for the 31st Summer WUG has exceeded 1.08 million. Of them 15,000 are volunteers serving WUG competitions, who are now being trained to gear up for the big event.

During the Games, volunteers will be dispatched across 64 locations-such as the Chengdu Universiade Village, main media center, venues, airports and stations-to offer athletes, technical professionals and International University Sports Federation officials services.

"Being a WUG volunteer will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for me. I am so lucky to witness, participate in and contribute to it. I am so happy that I will be able to safeguard the successful convening of this multi-sport event," said Gao Zifei, who is studying history at Sichuan University.

As one of the first batch of WUG volunteers, Gao received more than 1,500 hours of training, and has helped to recruit WUG volunteers among fellow students.

The Games organizers said some of these volunteers are graduates returning from overseas studies. They have mastered multiple languages and have cross-cultural communication skills that help global university athletes better learn about Chengdu.

Wu Anyu, 25, who graduated from Northern University of Malaysia and University of Nottingham Malaysia, is a Chengdu native and loves sports. He joined the WUG volunteer team and is now offering services to technical officials.

"Chengdu is an inclusive city with a long history and rich culture. It offers plenty of sports and delicious food. We should let more people learn about Chengdu, venture into Chengdu and convey to the world the warmth of Chengdu," Wu said, adding that he wants to make friends from different countries and regions during the Games.

In addition to volunteers, a special group of Chengdu residents is active. They are "Chengdu WUG Citizen Promotion Ambassadors". The first batch of 100 ambassadors were selected from among more than 30,000 applicants on March 30. They are a calling card of the city, conveyors of Tianfu culture and promoters of the WUG spirit. Participating in important events related to the 31st Summer WUG, they are to influence members of the public to enjoy activities at the grassroots level.

Li Zhi is one such ambassador. In his eyes, Chengdu is exactly the place where people can achieve their dreams, just as the slogan of the 31st Summer WUG goes "Chengdu Makes Dreams Come True." After graduating from college, Li came to Chengdu with his love for the culture of the Three Kingdoms (220-280).

Later he found a job as a guard at the Chengdu Wuhou Shrine Museum, which was built in memory of heroes who died during the Three Kingdoms period. Thanks to his hard work, he was promoted to the position of chief docent.

"It was Chengdu's openness and inclusiveness that made me stay and made my dream come true," Li said. "Chengdu opens its arms to the world and is inclusive to everyone."

Li added that the city's characteristics coincide with the purpose of the WUG. He hopes that young athletes from all over the world can get to know the charm of Chengdu and fall in love with Chengdu during the event.

Chen Cheng, born in the 1990s, is another ambassador. She choreographed dances with the theme of WUG and giant pandas. "The WUG is a grand gathering of young people. I hope everyone can be a part of the youthful vim and vigor with Chengdu characteristics."

Residents attend a promotion for the 31st Summer World University Games in Chengdu. CHINA DAILY


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