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Exhibition showcases Wuhan's victory against COVID-19



Life-size sculptures depict the medical team from Sichuan Province supporting Wuhan. Cen Ziyuan/CGTN

"You will get through it." "Please hang in there." "We will finish it in five minutes, okay?"

In a holographic video displayed at an exhibition center in Wuhan, doctors and nurses in an ICU are racing against time to intubate a critically ill patient. During the process of intubation, the doctor is only 10 centimeters away from the patient, whose respiratory secretions will splash onto the doctor's mask at any time, which is highly contagious.

The piece of work is one of thousands of items put together for an exhibition to commemorate the hard work made by frontline medics and the city's victory in fighting against the pandemic.

One set of the scenes restores the life of a 17-year-old student in a temporary hospital in Wuhan. /VCG

Over 1,000 physical items, 1,100 pictures, 45 videos, 33 large scenes and 18 interactive projects are displayed or installed with VR and AR technologies at the exhibit, where visitors can wear the protection suit in a cabin to experience the heat and pressure felt by frontline medics.

In the physical item exhibition sector, ECMO, negative pressure isolation stretcher, ambulance, cloud functional robot and other medical equipment are presented. In a show window, traditional Chinese medicines, which have been used in the treatment of COVID-19 patients are also displayed.

In one scene, life-size sculptures of soldiers disembark from a plane to come to the aid of stricken hospitals, while suited-up doctors from other provinces supporting their peers in Wuhan are seen in another room.

Life-size sculptures of soldiers are seen disembarking from a plane to come to the aid of stricken hospitals in Wuhan. Cen Ziyuan/CGTN

Among the large showcases on the display, numerous letters show medical workers' petition to go to the front line to help save lives and also their family members' worries and encouragements for them.

"I'm Wang Renkun, a nurse in ICU. I applied to join in the medical team to support Wuhan. The pandemic is my new battleground and at the moment, I'm ready to go to the front line," Wang, an ICU nurse in Canton province reads in a letter.

"Look, baby. Your mom has put on her white cloth again. I'm a 'superwoman' joining others to fight against the coronavirus. Mom promises we will see each other again in the near future and I will give you a pretty long-time huge at that time," Qi Huali, a doctor from Zhejiang province wrote to her four-year-old daughter from Wuhan.

A petition was fingerprinted by dozens of medics who voluntarily come to support Wuhan during the pandemic. Cen Ziyuan/CGTN

One picture depicts a young doctor accompanying an elderly in watching the sunset and the senior hugging two doctors, thanking them for saving his life in another picture. Another set of picture features a doctor treating the youngest patient in an ICU ward during the pandemic.


It's been more than six months since the coronavirus has come under control in Wuhan. The city was the first in China to detect the deadly virus, leading to a harsh lockdown, with millions restrained at home.

The exhibition, which allows citizens to make an appointment online, opens Thursday and will last for three months.


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