Chinese airborne troops win 11 events in Int’l Army Games



The Airborne Platoon competition of the International Army Games 2017 concluded in Guangshui City of central China's Hubei Province on Thursday.

Air forces from China, Russia, Iran, Kazakhstan, Morocco, South Africa and Venezuela joined the "Airborne Platoon" competition, which ran from July 26 to August 8.

Chinese airborne troops have won first place in 11 out of 12 events during the competition, ranking top in total results.

It is the best performance by Chinese airborne troops in three years since China began to participate in the games.

The Airborne Platoon competition tests the comprehensive abilities of an airborne platoon as a unit. Since the contest was launched in 2015, the Chinese air force participated twice. It has formed a complete training method, trained a large number of backbone forces and carried into depth the studies on training and combating methods.

All these have been conclusively tested on this platform and have effectively raised the real combat capabilities of the Chinese airborne troops.