Germany plans wide coverage of 5G networks by 2025

CRI Online


Germany plans to cover all of its major roads and at least the 20 biggest cities with 5G networks by 2025, read a statement published on the website of the Transport and Digital Infrastructure Ministry on Tuesday.

The plan, titled "Five steps to 5G", includes measures to provide frequencies, the hosting of an industrial dialogue forum, the promotion of 5G researches, the building a 5G-city and boosting infrastructure construction.

When opening a conference on the new mobile communication standard, German Minister of Transport and Digital Infrastructure Alexander Dobrindt said:" 5G will become a key digital technology in the age of networking".

With the new mobile communication standard of 5G, large amount of data would be transmitted reliably - with up to 20 gigabits per second and latency time less than one millisecond, said Dobrindt.