Search operation for missing aircraft with 21 people on board begins in Nepal

Xinhua News Agency


Search operation has begun for a missing aircraft of Tara Airlines in Nepal that was flying with 18 passengers on board.

"An army helicopter and a helicopter belonging to Dynasty Air have already been sent for search operation," Bhim Raj Rai, Media Officer at Tara Airlines informed Xinhua.

The Twin Otter aircraft was flying to Jomsom from Pokhara on Wednesday morning. It lost contact a few minutes after taking off from the airport at 7:47 AM local time.

Among the 18 passengers, two are believed to be foreigners. However, no details are provided yet about their nationalities. Three crew members are also reported to be on the aircraft.

"Weather of both Pokhara and Jomsom is fine today. So we have no clue about what went wrong", Rai told Xinhua.

The Twin Otter aircraft was added to the fleet last September.