French rage over two extra years of work for pensions, bypassed vote



Burnt rubbish could be seen on the streets of Paris and other French cities on Friday morning, after another night of fury by protesting workers, angry over a pension overhaul that raised the retirement age in France by two years to age 64.

The heightened mobilization of striking railway and transit workers, trash collectors, and gas company employees led to widespread unrest following French Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne’s Thursday announcement that the government would evoke Constitution Article 49:3.

The article enabled the French government to bypass a parliament vote to add two extra years of labor a French worker must contribute before they can receive their full pension.

The French government says the contested reform is essential to ensure the system does not implode, but labor unions, and a large majority of French voters, disagree.

Workers are stepping up their efforts on Friday to make their voices heard, with more protests planned for the weekend.