Russian airstrikes kill 300 IS militants in Syria in two days



Russian airstrikes killed over 300 Islamic State (IS) militants on the eastern bank of the Euphrates in Syria over the past two days, Ekhbariah TV reported on Tuesday.

The reported quoted Russian Ministry of Defense spokesman as saying that more than 170 terrorists were injured.

The airstrikes destroyed three command posts, nine key localities, eight tanks, three artillery units, 17 SUVs with installed large-caliber weapons, and four ammunition depots have been destroyed, the report said.

And seven field commanders of various levels have been killed, including Abu Islam Al Kazaki, a native of Kazakhstan who coordinated the actions of IS assault units in the Euphrates valley.

An airstrike by Russian forces also destroyed the center for assembly and training of foreign mercenaries from IS, including about 40 militants from the North Caucasus, as well as a terrorist mobile sniper group.