Jailed activist: Catalan vote lacked validity



Lawyers for a jailed activist of the Catalan independence movement say he has admitted that the region's Oct. 1 referendum on whether to split from Spain lacked legal validity.

Ex-National Catalan Assembly civic group leader Jordi Sanchez made the statement when making his case against his jailing for involvement in the region's independence push, according to lawyers who requested anonymity because they weren't authorized to discuss closed-door proceedings.

The lawyers said Sanchez, who was elected a lawmaker in Catalonia's elections last month, asked the judge to release him.

Sanchez was jailed on provisional sedition charges related to preparations for the illegal Oct. 1 referendum.

The Catalan government used the referendum result to justify a unilateral declaration of independence later that month that prompted the Spanish government to seize control of the region.

Sanchez was one of three jailed Catalan representatives appearing before the Supreme Court judge handling the secession probe.