Protest against ABC's offensive skit




The protest against ABC's offensive skit is continuing...

Hundreds of demonstrators, mainly from a large Chinese community living in Houston, gathered outside ABC's local office building, asking for a formal apology.


The protestors wore red T-shirts reading "Teach Kids to Love, not to Kill".

...And hold banners reading "Killing Chinese is No Joke", "Kill Debts, Not People", "Teach Kids Killing Today, School Shooting Tomorrow", and "No Fake Apology".

They also shouted slogans like "Shame on ABC", "Boycott ABC", "Fire Kimmel".

In the ABC's show "Jimmy Kimmel Live", aired on Oct. 16, Kimmel asked children on how the United States should deal with the government shutdown and the debt owed to China.

One of the children commented that the United States should "kill everyone in China."

Later, Kimmel apologized in his show, quote: "I just wanted to say I'm sorry. I apologize. It was most certainly not my intent to upset anyone."

However, protesters are not satisfied, saying the apology, quote: "lacked substance or sincerity".

Representatives of the protesters hand a letter to demand a formal apology from ABC and Kimmel's dismissal.

The one-page long letter read as quote.

SOUNDBITE(ENGLISH) Representative of protesters

"We are extremely disappointed and upset on the fact that such an inappropriate program was broadcasted on the media network with worldwide viewers. ABC is obviously preaching mass slaughter and genocide. This skit is sending a horrible and irresponsible message to the young generation..."

One of the protesters, Lu Jun, originally from Shanghai and now a U.S. resident, says people could not afford to treat the "kill everyone in China" skit too lightly.


"With such a big viewership, ABC is an influential TV network. This offensive skit may appear trifling, but it could have worrisome impact if not dealt with seriously. I hope our protest can send a message not only to ABC but also to the U.S. media as a whole."


"As a renowned TV station whose programs can be watched all over the world, the remarks made by its host, Jimmy Kimmel, is very irresponsible. It broke the hearts of 1.4 billion Chinese people. Today, we have 500 overseas Chinese gathered here outside ABC's local office building for a peaceful protest. We demand a formal apology from ABC through its website and TV programs; secondly, we hope to see Kimmel's dismissal immediately."


"I think ABC owes Chinese people a formal apology and further investigation into this event is also needed. Only in this way, the core value of the United States and the long-term Sino-U.S. relationship won't be harmed."

Critics say that Kimmel was wrong for not stopping the comment and failing to explain to the children that it was not the right idea, and even worse the ABC failed to remove the comment from the show.

The offensive comment has sparked indignation and protests from the Chinese community.

New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Dallas and other cities have seen rounds of protests.