Various sectors in Hong Kong welcome China's top legislature's HKSAR LegCo vacancy decision



People from all walks of life and various organizations in Hong Kong have expressed their support for a decision adopted by China's top legislature for the sixth Legislative Council (LegCo) of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) to continue performing duties.

It is widely believed that the decision can maintain the effective operation of the HKSAR government and social stability, avoid disputes, help control the epidemic, improve people's livelihood and accelerate economic recovery. It is hoped that LegCo members will put the well-being of Hong Kong people first, fighting the epidemic together and getting Hong Kong out of adversity as soon as possible.

Lo Sui-on, deputy secretary-general of Friends of Hong Kong Association, said the decision is entirely for the good of Hong Kong, which gives Hong Kong more space and time to fight the epidemic.

He hoped that opposition LegCo members will perform their duties and work together with the HKSAR government to serve Hong Kong, live up to the trust of the central government and jointly help Hong Kong develop smoothly.

Chan Hiu-fung, head of Hong Kong and Mainland Legal Profession Association, said the central government shows genuine concern for Hong Kong and always considers the well-being of its residents, adding that all sectors of society should work together and concentrate on epidemic prevention and control.

The HKSAR Basic Law does not stipulate for the vacancy of the LegCo due to the election postponement, and the decision of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress demonstrates the rule of law, said Chan Cheuk-hay, the principal of Hong Kong College of Technology.

Lau Juen-yee, the former vice-chancellor of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, said a number of countries and regions have delayed elections to put people's lives first, so should the HKSAR government to protect the health and safety of Hong Kong residents by strictly controlling the epidemic.

Sze Wine-him, vice chairman of All-China Youth Federation and founding chairman of the Y.Elites Association, urged opposition lawmakers to give top priority to the well-being of Hong Kong residents, setting aside differences and stopping violent and disruptive acts during legislative meetings.

The Chinese Manufacturers' Association of Hong Kong said the decision of China's top legislature will be conducive to maintaining social stability and reviving the economy, calling on LegCo members to genuinely fulfill their responsibilities to winning the anti-epidemic fight and helping Hong Kong start again.

Hong Kong Professionals and Senior Executives Association appealed to the LegCo to actively cooperate with the HKSAR government on controlling the coronavirus spread, improving economic and relief policies, and helping residents overcome the current hardships.

Hong Kong Higher Education Convergence called on all LegCo members to assume their constitutional responsibilities and complete various unfinished bills in the current term.