China's State Council's sweeping reshuffle plan unveiled



The State Council, China's cabinet, will see a drastic reform to improve governance, according to a draft submitted to the first session of the 13th National People's Congress (NPC) on Tuesday.

The number of ministry-level bodies will be cut by eight and the number of vice-ministry-level institutions by seven after the reform, the draft plan shows.

If the plan is passed, the State Council will consist of 26 ministries and commissions in addition to the General Office of the State Council:

-- Ministry of Foreign Affairs;

-- Ministry of National Defense;

-- National Development and Reform Commission;

-- Ministry of Education;

-- Ministry of Science and Technology;

-- Ministry of Industry and Information Technology;

-- State Ethnic Affairs Commission;

-- Ministry of Public Security;

-- Ministry of State Security;

-- Ministry of Civil Affairs;

-- Ministry of Justice;

-- Ministry of Finance;

-- Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security;

-- Ministry of Natural Resources;

-- Ministry of Ecological Environment;

-- Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development;

-- Ministry of Transport;

-- Ministry of Water Resources;

-- Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs;

-- Ministry of Commerce;

-- Ministry of Culture and Tourism;

-- National Health Commission;

-- Ministry of Veterans Affairs;

-- Ministry of Emergency Management;

-- People's Bank of China;

-- National Audit Office.