U.S. restrictions for Chinese investment are oppression: FM



The mooted U.S. move on setting limits for Chinese investment in science and technology, is an act of technological oppression, a Foreign Ministry spokesperson said Friday.

Media reported that the U.S. Treasury Department is considering ways to restrict sensitive Chinese investment in the United States by invoking an emergency power law and declaring some security review reforms for corporate acquisitions.

"The move and recent many others expose U.S. hegemonic mentality," said spokesperson Hua Chunying. "It is obvious that the United States has been pushing for trade protectionism in the name of national security by repeatedly setting limits for Chinese trade and investment in high-tech fields in the States."

Hua said that while the United States required China to open up its market, it imposed restrictions on Chinese trade and investment.

"It is being unreasonable and hegemonic in suppressing China's economic growth and scientific and technological development on national security grounds," she said. "Technology should serve the interests of humanity rather than be a tool to advance one nation's power over another."

China contributed 57.5 percent to global scientific and technological progress last year and more than 30 percent of global growth, according to Hua.

"Nothing can slow the pace of China's technological innovation," she said.