2PM's Jun. K depicts stormy 20s in new album



On the verge of entering his 30s, Jun. K of boy band 2PM returned Monday with a new solo album that reflects on his 20s full of extravagance and growing pains.

"It was a time of both flamboyance and pain. I was always on the edge worrying. While I became popular through 2PM, I was constantly concerned with how I could become a true musician for the long haul," said Jun. K, whose real name is Kim Min-jun, during a group media interview in southern Seoul for his new album "My 20s." He will turn 30 years old in January.

The record, Jun. K's third solo project, holds five tracks, all written and produced by him, including title song "Moving Day." It is his first solo album since his special album "77-1X3-00" released in January. "From November to February," a pre-released song from the album, features vocal parts by Jeon So-mi, star of project girl group I.O.I.

Aside from singing and dancing, Jun. K has been active as a producer and songwriter. He has been involved not only in his group's album but also in GOT7's 2014 Japanese debut EP "Around the World."

"When I was young, my dream was becoming a musician as opposed to a singer. But my family's economic situation wasn't so great," the singer recalled.

He later wrote the song "Don't Go" for the original soundtrack of KBS 2TV drama "Dream High."

"It was my debut as a songwriter. And when my composition "Go Crazy" was picked as title track for 2PM's fourth album, I cried while talking with my mom over the phone."

Jun. K plans to join the military next year.

A publicity photo of 2PM member Jun. K provided by JYP Entertainment

"I think I'll enlist sometime during early-to-mid 2018. This will be my last album before my military service. I was planning to go this year but it got delayed due to my arm injury." In February, Jun. K fell off a moving vehicle during a Seoul concert, fracturing his right elbow and right ring finger.

The singer said he met with his bandmate Taecyeon, who was on leave from his military duty since September, on Sunday.

"He appeared in good condition and handsome, probably thanks to a regular lifestyle (at the military). ... I became comfortable after seeing Taecyeon. I was initially worried for him, but he managed to become a drill instructor," Jun. K said.

When asked about his post-military career, Jun. K reassured fans that 2PM will most likely return in its original lineup.

"We promised to get together after our military discharges. I assure you that 2PM will be maintained, even if one or two may not end up renewing our contracts, as we promised to uphold the 2PM brand. I think it will be at least 2020 before the group makes a complete comeback," the singer chuckled.