Ski resorts in northeast China see explosive growth in visitors




Northeast China's Jilin Province saw rapid growth of its ski industry this winter, with the number of tourists rising by 85.3 percent in the first half of November compared to the previous month.

All the local ski resorts in Jilin are running again and have seen high numbers of visitors. The Songhua Lake Ski Resort in the city of Jilin has seen an explosive growth of visitors booking tickets online.

In the provincial capital Changchun, the Tianding Mountain Ski Resort resumed business on November 28, and saw more than 1,000 daily visitors on average.

As an education base for snow and ice sports, Tianding Mountain Ski Resort has increased its number of instructors and rolled out ski courses for primary and secondary school students to promote snow and ice sports.

The resort also launched nighttime activities, offering a different experience for visitors.

To further promote winter tourism, 10 million yuan ($1.5 million) in consumption coupons will be released for tourists as well as ice and snow sports lovers. Visitors to famous scenic spots and ski resorts can all enjoy discounts.