APD INTERVIEW | China makes available financing our developing countries require: Former Maldives FM Dunya Maumoon



By APD writerEaswaran

COLOMBO, July 11 (APD) -- Former Maldives Foreign Minister and eldest daughter of the former President of the Maldives, Dunya Maumoon, speaks exclusively to the Colombo Gazette on the current state of affairs in the Maldives, the relationship between the Maldives and Sri Lanka and China’s role in the Maldives and calls for unity to address several issues in her country.

You were part of this administration and strongly defended its policies. In your opinion where has this Government gone wrong now?

Would you say there were opportunities that were missed by this Government to meet the expectations of the people?

So you see an opportunity for the political parties in the Maldives working together to address the issues?

How do you think the upcoming Presidential elections can help change the situation?

How do you see the decision taken by Mohommad Nasheed to withdraw from the Presidential race?

What can you tell us of the opposition Presidential candidate Ibrahim “Ibu” Mohamed Solih and what can he do to bridge the gap between the Government and the opposition?

As a former Foreign Minister how do you see the Foreign policy of the Maldives?

Is there a role the international community can play to ensure democracy is established in the Maldives or should it be an internal process as some say?

What is your opinion on the relationship between Sri Lanka and the Maldives?

Where does the Maldives stand on women in politics and in your opinion where should it be in a few years from now?

And where would you like see the Maldives heading in a few years?