APD Review | U.S. , UK and France plan variously on striking Syria



Translated By He Wei

U.S., UK and France carried out a wave of strikes on Damascus, the capital of Syria at the weekend targeting the government sites in response to an alleged chemical weapons attack.

After the large-scale military operation,

each western power gave different, even contradictory answers on whether to conduct follow-up operations or not.

U.S. claimed that it is well-prepared to strike Syria again soon, but the U.K holds the different view.

French president made it clear that he has convinced the U.S. to station a long-term troops, but the White House denied and reclaimed that the U.S wishes to withdraw from Syria as soon as possible.

Obviously, the three countries are not unified on the Syria issue.

With regard to the Syria situation, APD presents the different viewpoints of the world major media.

**German Die Welt: U.S. , UK

and France plan variously**

For US President trump, striking against Syria is an escape from the scandal of “Russia meddling” and the criticisms of the public and media. As for French president Macron, it’s a good opportunity to show the influence of France as a superpower. In the context of Brexit, British also needs to play a part and to seize the opportunity to consolidate its partnership with U.S.

But, the confused information towards Syria released by the three countries suggests that the military coalition is in lack of a long-term strategy.

The U.S,The New York Times : Diversities between U.S. and its allies

So far, U.S. , UK

and France have an unstable control over the future of Syria because of the fragile alliance. The U.S expects the Middle East to bear more economic and military

responsibility, but nothing has yet been achieved. US European allies have the same expectation on U.S.. French president made it clear that he has convinced the U.S. to station a long-term troops, but the White House denied and reclaimed that the U.S wishes to withdraw from Syria as soon as possible.

Qatar Al Jazeera : Air strikes have had little effect

The 7-year long civil war have left Syria with massive damage and debris. Military operation could not turn the table and make Syria a safer place. Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar have already made it clear that they will not set a war in the territory of Syria. At the same time, Russia , Iran and Turkey have formed alliances to address the post-war issues. Because the lack of an overall strategic layout, the air strike carried out by the western powers have had little effect.

China, Xinhua news agency: Afraid of irritating Russia ,the EU calls for peaceful solution to Syrian crisis

After the strike, the EU at first takes the western’s stand in a statement that they understand the intention of the giant military operation and will take action to sanction against Syria. However, according to a joint declaration issued by the ministers for foreign affairs of the European union calling on all parties to resolve the Syrian crisis through political means on April 16.

Dutch Foreign Minister Steffi Brock even met with Russian foreign minister Sergey lavrov in Russia on April 13.

The U.S. has threatened a new round of sanction against Russia including the enterprises being suspected on providing chemical weapon materials to Syria. But, nothing relevant

to the sanction were discussed on the EU foreign ministers meeting on April 16. The media suggested that the EU members do not want to irritate Russia for the complicated ties between them. Russia is the important gas supplier to the EU.

**China,Asia Pacific Daily:

Following lead of Trump to strike against Syria could harm themselves instead**

It is obvious that the UK and France’s participation in the air strike is to consolidate the alliance with U.S. and also to show their military strength to assure the appreciation of president Trump in Brexit and leading EU military integration.

Secondly, to seek the control over Syria issue is a continuously move taken by the western countries for they keep attaching great importance on their role in the Middle East.

French President Jacques Macron visited the middle east shortly after his inauguration and tried to coordinate regional hot issues.

However, the Europe has already taken the consequences of refugee crisis and terrorist attack for interference in the Middle East and north Africa.

If the EU sticks on its previous action, the situation will be deteriorated.