Police launch aerial survey to protect ecology in N China




On June 29, 2021, law enforcement authorities launched an aerial survey with drones in Hexigten Banner of north China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, aiming to remove psychoactive plants and further protect forest and grassland ecological resources.

The Forest Public Security Bureauof Hexigten Banner cooperated with the Anti Drug Brigade, the Huanggangliang Police Station of Forest Public Security Bureau, the Special Weapons And Tactics team and the Militia UAV Reconnaissance, deploying drones for the aerial inspection.

Hexigten Banner has vast ground with complex landforms including forests, grasslands and mountains, therefore usual patrolling-like dispatching rangers cannot cover the entire area. This activity has fully adopted the advantages of drones, overcome the limitations and launched a complete examination of the area, in order to prevent plantation of psychoactive plants.

(Video provided by Xu Haidong, a photography enthusiast from the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region)

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