Didi’s designated driver service pursues innovation and responsibility



By APD Writer Tao Xing

The Didi Driver, also knew as a designated-driver service, a part of Chinese on-demand mobility giant Didi Chuxing, Tuesday held a forum in Beijing to mark its second anniversary.

At the forum themed “Innovation and Responsibility for Sustainable Development Forum 2017”, the Didi Driver launched two new technologies.

One is designed for traffic cops, which can provide big data on drunken driving to them and help them combat drunken driving.

Another is an automatic sensing system, which can grade users’ driving skills. The new function will help drivers get rid of bad habits like picking up the phone while driving or brake hard.

The designated-driver service means to help car owners find a qualified driver to chauffeur them around in their own vehicle when they are in no condition to drive, for example due to sickness or intoxication.

A white paper jointly released by Didi and Tsinghua University shows, the total orders of designated-driver service has exceeded 253million in 2016, with the output of 15.4 billion yuan. It also says 97.8 percent of designated driver service is for drunken drivers, which means it makes tremendous contributions to the decrease of drunken driving accidents.

China’s private economic sectors, like the Didi Driver, have played an important role in achieving the global sustainable development, said UN officials.

In 2017, United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and Didi conducted cooperation to help Chinese disabled people create an equal and unobstructed traffic environment.

Ms Agi Veres, country director of UNDP China

As Ms Agi Veres, country director of UNDP China has said that “Nowadays, in the business world, there is a core understanding that it is no longer for companies to concern themselves only for short profit, but because unsustainable future can damage longer prosperity.”

Meanwhile, Didi’s designated driver service contributes to gender equality as the large proportion of Didi drivers are women.

Mr. Will Cheng, the founder, chairman and CEO of Didi Chuxing

Mr. Will Cheng, the founder, chairman and CEO of Didi Chuxing concluded that Didi is making every endeavor to build a smart transport platform to promote innovation on urban traffic and sustainable development.

In the past five years, Didi has provided flexible employment schemes for one million laid-off workers. It also invested other on-demand mobility giants in Europe, America, Southeast Asia, Middle East and North Africa.

During the forum, the excellent designated drivers were also awarded.