Four Chinese paintings hammer over 100 mln yuan each at auction



The “grand view” of China Guardian's Autumn Auctions sold a staggering 1.6 billion yuan (243 million US dollars) in modern and ancient Chinese ink paintings on Monday night.

Four items each went for over 100 million yuan (with commission) in three sessions at the Beijing auction house.

Two of them were by Zhang Daqian, a prodigious Chinese artist of the 20th century.

The painting “Riverside View of Splendor”

“Riverside View of Splendor”, sold for 132 million yuan, was Zhang's copy of Tang dynasty painter Dong Yuan's work.

The landscape reveals Zhang’s intense study of the great 10th-century painter, whose elegant style anticipated the formation of the Southern School of classic Chinese painting.

The painting “Kuan Yin of the water moon”

Another Zhang painting, “Kuan Yin of the water moon” – mounted for framing with ink and color on special canvas and depicting a seated Goddess of Mercy in the traditional style – grossed 101 million yuan at least.

This piece was created in 1943 when Zhang was 44. He modeled this painting on a mural in the Yulin Caves of Gansu Province. The painting balances quiet dignity with both luxuriant colors and ornamental details.

Also, two hand-scrolls from the Ming Dynasty hammered over 100 million yuan.

The hand-scroll “Nature Sketches”

The hand-scroll “Nature Sketches” by Ming dynasty painter Xu Wei was auctioned for 127 million yuan.

Each segment of the painting has inscriptions by Qianlong Emperor of the Qing dynasty with ten royal collector seals indicating it had secured the the emperor's favor.

The hand-scroll "Presented to Wu Kuan"

The ten meter long hand-scroll by Ming dynasty painter Shen Zhou, with eight artist seals and several collector seals and composed as a gift to his friend Wu Kuan, fetched 148 million yuan.