China to set up state immigration administration



China plans to set up a state immigration administration under the Ministry of Public Security, according to a document on an institutional reform plan of the State Council submitted Tuesday to the national legislative session for deliberations.

With the improvement of composite national strength, the number of foreigners working and living in China has been on the rise, raising new requirements on immigration administration and services, the document reads.

The proposed administration will be responsible for coordinating and formulating immigration policies and their implementation, border control, managing foreigners' stay. It will also take the lead in coordinating measures to deal with foreigners who illegally enter, stay or work in China, and the repatriation of illegal immigrants.

The administration will also provide exit and entry services for Chinese nationals on private affairs and engage in international cooperation in the field of immigration, among others.

New international development cooperation agency

China also plans to set up an international development cooperation agency, according to the plan.

The move is to give full play to foreign aid as a key means of major-country diplomacy, enhance strategic planning and coordination of foreign aid, and better serve the country's overall diplomatic layout and the Belt and Road Initiative.

The new agency will be responsible for making strategic guidelines, plans and policies on foreign aid; coordinating and making suggestions on major issues related to it; pushing forward reform of the means of aid-giving; making foreign aid plans and overseeing and evaluating their implementation.