Beijing school students trial temperature-tracking bracelets



Some senior students and staff at Beijing's middle and high schools began wearing temperature-monitoring bracelets on Monday as schools reopen across the city, according to Beijing Daily.

Several schools in five districts in Beijing are the first to utilize this new gadget which will provide real-time temperature data twice per day.

The data can be monitored by schools, parents and relevant departments via a smartphone app without the students needing to do anything themselves.

If a student's temperature rises above 37.2 degrees, the bracelet will prompt their teacher to alert the police, according to Beijing Daily report.

"The bracelet is similar to a normal fitness tracker. They used a button battery, so there's no need to charge them. We recommend that students wear them 24 hours a day," an unnamed teacher from Fengtai No.2 Middle School told the Beijing Daily.

(Cover: A student is pictured wearing a temperature -monitoring bracelet in Beijing,/ Beijing Daily)