See the only boat on Earth made from recycled waste plastic

Omar Elwafaii



This is the Flipflopi, her builders say she’s the only boat on Earth made from recycled waste plastic.

"What made us to build this boat is because of how we could see a lot of plastic coming down to our oceans,"Ali Skanda Abdala, boat builder and captain of the Flipflopi said.

Over the next three weeks, the Flipflopi will sail around the whole of Lake Victoria. The crew will travel along the shorelines of Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania – and then back into Kenya. To its creators, the Flipflopi is more than just a boat made out of waste, it's ultimately a message.

"I feel so much hurt when I see flowing of plastic all over, you know, and eventually it's getting to our resources, to our food chains, you know, it's horrible you know. Go to the market, see all the package of all the food - they are all in plastic, everything! We should use plastic only in important points, but not in our daily meals or destroying our beautiful planet. This is our motherboard, so if the motherboard is destroyed then we are destroying ourselves," Abdala said.

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