London Zoo's pygmy goats missing visitors amid COVID-19 closure

Aden-Jay Wood



London Zoo's pygmy goats are struggling to cope with the lack of visitors as COVID-19 lockdown measures continue.

The zoo was forced to close on 21 March in order to protect the health of its animals, staff and visitors as the UK government implemented stricter lockdown measures to combat the virus.

That hasn't stopped the goats from lining their fence every morning, hoping for visitors to come and make a fuss of them.

Luckily for them, with no visitors expected for at least a while, the devoted zookeepers remain on site to give them a much-needed massage as well as their daily feed.

It's not just the pygmy goats who need care and attention during these lonely times.

Many other animals around the zoo need to be fed, watered and cared for – one of them being Dolly the tortoise, who is still receiving her hose showers given by one of the keepers every day.

Kathryn England, Chief Operating Officer at London Zoo, is thankful for her zookeepers: "The important thing is that we focus on the here and now, making sure that while we've got animals that still need feeding, we make sure we focus on that – and do everything that we can to ensure continuity and normality for all of the animals, because most of them are blissfully unaware of what's going on with all of us at the moment."

But all that caring costs money and London Zoo is calling for people to support the animals' upkeep by

making donations via the Zoological Society of London website