Wild giant panda family spotted by Chinese villagers



A female giant panda and her cub were spotted by a local family on their way to a virgin forest in Baoxing County in the city of Ya'an, southwest China's Sichuan Province, on Sunday, the family told Xinhua on Wednesday.

"My son screamed, 'Panda! Panda!' when he saw the pandas wandering in front of us, and we took pictures and videos while waiting for almost 10 minutes until they left," said Tselainbang, father of the family.

"From the pictures and the video clip, it can be predicted that they should be a mother and a cub, both in good health," said Zheng Congjun, with the forestry bureau of Baoxing.

"Our kid never saw a panda in real life, and he kept replaying the video clip we took and proudly showed it to his teachers and classmates," said Xu Wei, the boy's mother.

The county, known as the "hometown of giant pandas," has 181 wild giant pandas, up 106 compared with the figure 26 years ago, according to the fourth national survey of giant pandas. It is in Baoxing where the French Catholic priest, zoologist and botanist Armand David discovered the giant panda -- a species totally new to science in 1869.