American and Philippine Marines in another military exercise



By APD Writer Melo M. Acuna

MANILA,Oct. 2 (APD) – Despite President Rodrigo Roa Duterte’s earlier statements about the possible reduction of future military exercises with American troopers, soldiers from the U. S. Marines and sailors from the 3rd Marine Expeditionary Brigade and their counterparts from the Armed Forces of the Philippines, inaugural exercise KAMANDAG was launched at different locations in the main island of Luzon today.

In a statement from the Embassy of the United States of America this afternoon, it was learned the exercise will run until Wednesday, October 11,2017.

The term “Kamandag” comes from the Filipino phrase “Kaagapay Ng Mga Mandirigma Ng Dagat” or “Cooperation of Warriors of the Sea” which underscores the close partnership between American and Filipino military establishments.

The exercise, according to the statement, “will increase overall U. S. and Philippine readiness, improve bilateral responsiveness to crises in the region and further reinforce illustrious decades-long alliance.”

They already completed bilateral humanitarian and civic assistance projects at schools earlier this month.

The goal of the joint military exercise is to increase counterterrorism capabilities through bilateral military exchanges between the AFP and U. S. forces to further enhance humanitarian assistance and disaster relief capabilities by performing humanitarian and civic assistance projects.

Among the activities during the exercise are combat lifesaving, shipboard mass casualty response, live fire training, urban operations, movement ashore, humanitarian assistance and disaster response.