Giant Panda "Yi Yi" celebrates second birthday in Malaysia



Fans and tourists from Malaysia and abroad on Tuesday celebrated the second birthday of Yi Yi, the second giant panda that was born in Malaysia.

Fans from Malaysia, China, Japan, and other places gathered at Malaysia's National Zoo to celebrate Yi Yi's birthday, as zookeepers put on "Happy Birthday" decoration and made a big ice cake.

Zookeeper Akmal Hadi Bin Samsuddin who is responsible for taking care of the Giant Panda, said Yi Yi now weighs 67 kg and is in very good health.

"Compared with her sister Nuan Nuan, Yi Yi is more gentle and gets along well with the keepers," he said.

Born in January 2018, Yi Yi, whose name means friendship in Chinese, is the second offspring of her parents, Xing Xing and Liang Liang, who arrived in Malaysia in 2014.

The couple's first baby, Nuan Nuan, returned to China in November 2017 after turning two years old.