Filipino twins conjoined at forehead to be separated despite risks



Filipino twin girls conjoined at the forehead will be separated despite the risk of one or both of them dying during the surgery, according to media reports on Tuesday.

Joy and Jyce Magsino, 10, were born with angular frontal partial craniopagus, which affects around 10 to 20 in every one million births.

The sisters have undergone tests to begin the process of separation in a hospital near Manila, the Daily Mail Online reported.

Doctors said the surgery is possible but risky.

Their parents hope the girls could lead normal lives after being separated and have been seeking help to pay for the operation, which costs about 99,400 U.S. dollars, according to the reports.

Their father earns about 8 U.S. dollars a day as a porter.

There have been multiple cases of successful separation of conjoined twins. In July, a 30-strong medical team at a U.S. hospital separated ten-month-old twin girls attached at the head. The surgery lasted 11 hours.