The real story behind the tearjerker “Three Minutes”



Peter Chan's short film, “Three Minutes”, has been a hit in China. The story is about a mom who works as a train conductor on one of China’s longest railway routes, and she needs to work through the Spring Festival. Her son can only see her for three minutes when the train stops at her hometown.

During the Spring Festival, which is all about family reunions, their three minute reunion tugged on many heartstrings, and now the basis for the film has been revealed.

Tintin and his dad walk to Hengyang station to see his mom.

Her name is Liu Zhong. She is a conductor on the Z229 train from Shenzhen to Urumqi, and her son is named Chen Hongjin.

Liu Zhong works in Guangdong Province, her husband is self-employed, and Chen Hongjin is taken care of by his grandparents in Hengyang, Hunan Province.

Early in January 2017, there was a media report about their stories when Liu Zhong’s train stopped at Hengyang, for four minutes, and she got to see her beloved son, who is nicknamed Tintin.

Liu Zhong kissing Tintin.

In the film, Tintin recites his time tables to his mother, but in real life, he showed her a handwritten note: “Ma ma wo ai ni.”( Mom I love you.)

This year, Liu Zhong can only be home for one day on Feb. 8, and before that she only got to see Tintin for a really short time when the train stopped at Hengyang.

Tintin still waving to his mom's train even the train is already driven away.

The story of Liu Zhong happens everyday on China's transport routes, especially during the spring festival rush. Thousands of people work on holidays to make sure other families can have a wonderful reunion. They bury their love for their family, and what passengers see on their faces are not tears but warm smiles.