Indonesia inaugurates nat’l library building, claimed world’s tallest 



By APD Writer Maverick

JAKARTA, Sept. 15 (APD) — Indonesia has inaugurated the new library building located at the heart of capital Jakarta, claimed the tallest one in the world with 27 floors.

Inauguration of the national library designed as a ‘green building' and extensively uses latest digital technology was conducted by Indonesian President Joko Widodo on Thursday.

“The library building used to have three floors, now it has 27 floors with a basement, making it the tallest one in the world for a library building,” President Widodo said in the inauguration of the building.

The 123.6 meter-tall building that has a space of 50,917 meter square was built on an area of 11,975 meter square. Government allocated some 465 billion rupiah (about 35 million U.S. Dollars) to finance construction of the library building.

With its green mechanism, the building has a power consumption energy index of 150 KWh of electricity per mm square per year, comparable to modern buildings in Singapore and Malaysia, a statement released by the library said.

It is also featured with rapid internet cable network of from CAT-7 category, capable to transfer data up to 100 Giga byte per second (Gbps). Its central data collection has a Tier3 digital technology, fitted with tele lift facility to transfer books automatically.

Besides that, the building also has friendly features for those with disabilities and for elder people, enabling them to get similar benefits from the library facilities like for normal people. Particular facilities have also prepared for the blinds.

Several facilities for books exhibition, discussions and symposiums, including theater rooms and halls, were also available in the building premises.

Head of National Library Syarif Bando said that the new facilities in the building premises were highly expected to support government’s programs aimed at accelerating people’s intellectuality,

becoming the nation’s landmark building which can be proud of and among the ones recognized by international community.

“Library is the most fundamental humanity service because information is one of humans’ basic needs mandated by Geneva Convention,” Bando said, mentioning that library is also the last of democracy bastion.

Completing collections of books published in the country, the library also has books published by foreign publishers. It also completed with security facilities to store old manuscripts, rare book and painting collections.