What happens if a panda mother gives birth to twins?




Ten-year-old giant panda Mangzai gave birth to twin male cubs at Chongqing Zoo, in southwest China's Chongqing Municipality, on June 10. They were the first panda twins to be born in captivity in the zoo this year.

But in such cases, panda mothers often favor one of the two who is healthier and abandon the other.

So to ensure the survival of both cubs, the zoo is assisting Mangzai in raising the twins: while she takes care of one cub, the zoo staff takes care of the other.

The two cubs were born half an hour apart, with the first weighing 161 grams and the other weighing 151 grams, according to the zoo management.

"At present, the two cubs are in good physical condition, and all aspects, including feeding, are normal," said Yin Yanqiang, technical director of the Panda House at Chongqing Zoo.

On June 25, the elder cub weighed 416 grams and the younger one 429 grams, said Yin.

The cubs will be exchanged regularly eithout being noticed by the mother panda so that both can enjoy their mother's love.

This is the second time Mangzai has had twins, after she gave birth to two female cubs in 2019.

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