China, Kazakhstan to strengthen tourism collaboration



China and Kazakhstan reaffirmed their strong bond and growing partnership at the Forum to the Year of Kazakhstan Tourism in China, emphasizing that the event can help make a significant step toward enhanced mutual understanding and tourism cooperation.

Sun Yeli, China's minister of culture and tourism, emphasized the deep-rooted friendship and partnership between China and Kazakhstan at the forum, which was hosted by the embassy of Kazakhstan to China on March 28.

This year was designated as the Year of Kazakhstan Tourism in China by the state leaders of the two countries in May.

Sun highlighted the significant progress in the bilateral relationship over the past 30 years, reaching the level of permanent comprehensive strategic partnership.

He also noted the increased collaboration in the tourism sector between the two countries, particularly following the mutual visa exemption agreement that came into effect in November, which has facilitated easier travel for citizens of both nations.

Sun encouraged people from both countries to visit and explore each other's nations, adding that China is willing to collaborate with Kazakh partners to implement the consensus of the two countries' leaders.

This collaboration aims to continually achieve new milestones in China-Kazakhstan tourism cooperation, ultimately contributing to the well-being of both nations' peoples, he said at the forum attended by representatives of governments and tourism sectors from both nations.

Yermek Marzhikpayev, Kazakhstan's minister of tourism and sports, emphasized the role of the tourism industry as a bridge connecting cultures worldwide. He said the forum not only serves as a platform for exchanging ideas and experiences within the tourism industry, but also symbolizes the deep cultural connections between the two nations.

Marzhikpayev expressed optimism that the forum would be a crucial step in strengthening mutual understanding and cooperation in the tourism sector between China and Kazakhstan.

Bakhadur Ximukente, an official from the local government of Kazakh city Shymkent, had high expectations for the Year of Kazakhstan Tourism in China. He said activities held under the framework are not only aimed at attracting Chinese tourists, but also at generating China's interest in investing in Kazakhstan.

Ximukente stressed that besides promoting tourism and economic cooperation between the two countries, the most crucial aspect is fostering mutual understanding between the people of China and Kazakhstan and enhancing people-to-people bonds.

( china daily)