MBA Istanbul International Dance Festival



“For me, dancing is like breathing,” said Alev Ozimer, one of the participants of the Istanbul International Dance Festival that took place between March 29 and April 2.

Though she said she has only been dancing for the last three years, Alev explained that dancing gives her wings and makes her feel alive.

Many of the dancers attending seemed to share a similar passion for the art form as the vibrant energy was almost tangible in the atmosphere at the festival venue.

Over 4,000 people participated in the festival, where almost 1,000 were foreigners.

Instructors came to teach workshops from all across the world, including the US, Portugal, the UK, South America and Israel.

These workshops were one of the main attractions as classes in many dance forms were available from the classics like Salsa, Hip Hop and Tango to more unique dances such as Kizomba and Bachata.

One of the instructors, Alyssa Chriqui, an Australian-Israeli said the line-up was what got her attention as well as the “family-like atmosphere where everyone is very friendly.”

Dance competitions that took place over the weekend also attracted many visitors as they watched performances that mesmerized the crowds.

A musical dance show and daily shows by many different countries also added even more flavor to the festival.

And in the evenings of course – parties all night long!! Simultaneous parties in different ballrooms gave visitors the option to choose which dance form they’d like to that night.

The festival’s president Kemal Keskin said there are many benefits to dancing, but stressed that these kind of festivals are especially significant for university students as it gives them an opportunity to socialize.