Global coronavirus death toll tops 60,000, cases pass 1.1 mln: WHO



A total of 62,784 people died of COVID-19 globally as of 10:00 CET Sunday, as the number of infections surged to 1,133,758, showed the situation dashboard by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Outside China, the death toll rose to 59,446, while 1,050,828 cases have been reported.

According to WHO, the United States has reported 273,808 cases with 7,020 fatalities as of Sunday morning.

A man wearing a face mask works at the entrance of a supermarket in Geneva, Switzerland, on March 31, 2020. (Xinhua/Nie Xiaoyang)

Europe, also the epicenter of COVID-19 pandemic, has seen 622,251 infections in total, among which 46,430 patients have lost their lives.

Spain has reported 124,736 infections and 11,744 deaths, overtaking Italy in confirmed cases and becoming the second-worst virus-hit nation in the world.

A total of 15,362 fatalities were reported in Italy, as the number of cases increased to 124,632.

Besides, the cumulative confirmed cases near 100,000 in Germany, while France could soon witness 70,000 infections, according to WHO.