Chinese envoy urges Security Council to stay focused on key issues



A Chinese envoy on Tuesday urged the United Nations (UN) Security Council to stay focused on key issues and ensure an effective execution of its mandate.

"The council needs to focus its resources and energy on addressing major and urgent issues concerning international peace and security, and strengthen the practical effect of its actions," Ma Zhaoxu, China's permanent representative to the United Nations, said at the Security Council Open Debate on Its Working Methods.

"In deliberating on thematic issues, the council needs to coordinate with the GA (General Assembly), ECOSOC (the Economic and Social Council) and other UN bodies so that all can play their respective roles and avoid duplication," he said.

Speaking of the process of the council's decision-making, Ma said that "full consultations are needed with a view to achieving consensus. It is necessary to ensure that all council members have adequate time to examine draft resolutions and draft presidential statements."

"We should do our best to refrain from steamrolling drafts when divisions still remain, seek the broadest possible consensus and safeguard the council's authority and unity," he added.

As for coordination among member states, he noted that it is important to enhance information exchange and value the views of all parties.

"The council needs to more actively engage troop contributing countries (TCCs) and enhance exchanges with them through mechanisms such as the Working Group on Peacekeeping Operations and meetings with TCCs.

It should also value the views and concerns of TCCs during mission deployment and mandate adjustment," he said.