China to launch 30 high-tech agricultural zones by 2025



China will launch up to 30 agricultural zones by 2025 to boost output and farmers' income, an official said at the State Council Information Office media briefing on Monday.

So far, China has set up two such pilot zones, one in Yangling, northwestern China’s Shaanxi Province and the other one in Yellow River delta, eastern China’s Shandong Province.

“I hope each province can have one, but it depends on local performance and foundation,” said Xu Nanping, Vice Minister of Science and Technology, at the media briefing, clarifying that the number of new agricultural zones will not exceed 30 by 2025.

Adoption of the latest technology on farmland has made great yield growth. For instance, in a county in Shaanxi Province, a new plowing technology boosted the output by 40 percent, Xu said.

Backed by the country’s agricultural technology promotion mechanism, Xu expected the latest technology can be put into wide use no more than five years after being developed.

The State Council released the first national-level guide on promoting high-tech agricultural zones on January 16, showing great support to the development of modern agriculture.