Brush with fame: TikTok 'inspiring' says artist James Lewis

Tim Hanlon



With strokes and flicks of his paintbrush James Lewis brings his artwork to life on TikTok which he finds more inspiring than other social media platforms.

The lettering artist, from Cardiff, UK, has amassed a following of 2.8 million on TikTok, with his condensed 15-second videos proving mesmerising to watch.

Lewis can spend hours on the artwork but then speeds it up for the viewer into a short clip that sheds new light on the creative process.

James Lewis has a following of 2.8m on TikTok, which he says brings fun to his life. /CGTN

TikTok has helped him make his name and he feels that the platform is more inspiring than its rivals.

"TikTok brings a lot of fun into my life and I really enjoy creating content for it and enjoying other people's. Before this, I think Instagram and other platforms weren't as fun," he said.

Having originally studied graphic design, he has transitioned from a logo and lettering designer to an artist who focuses on calligraphy and painting.

It has proved immensely popular with big name brands knocking on his door for him to paint their designs.

Lewis began as a graphic designer but has gone on to specialize as an artist. /James Lewis/CGTN

Video editor: Pedro Duarte