Egyptian winners of Chinese novel translation contest awarded in Cairo


The Chinese Cultural Center in Cairo (CCC) awarded on Thursday four Egyptian junior translators who won the contest for Arabic translation of a Chinese novel.

Shi Yuewen, cultural counselor of the Chinese embassy in Egypt and CCC chief, said that translation is a bridge for cultural exchange.

Shi praised the four Egyptian translators for taking part in the contest, which was held in cooperation with Egypt's National Center for Translation (NCT), and presenting "excellent" translations.

"We believe that translation is an important bridge for cultural exchange and human communication and a key pillar for the shared course of human community in our world today," Shi said.

The four Egyptian young women who joined the first edition of the Chinese-Arabic Translation Contest for Young Translators, which was launched in mid-June, had three months to translate the Chinese novel "The Disappearance of a Girl Named Chen Jinfang" by Shi Yifeng.

Mira Ahmed got the first place, Reham Gamal got the second, Radwa Amr came third and Hala Sedki was the fourth. The first three winners were awarded appreciation certificates while the fourth got an encouragement certificate.

The top winner didn't show up to receive her award, but explained.

"I wished I was there today to share with you the happy moments while receiving the award, but I am currently in China attending a conference on literary translation, achieving one of my dreams regarding my translation career," Ahmed said in a recorded video displayed on the CCC stage monitor.

Among the privileges for Ahmed as the top winner is that she will get her translation of the Chinese novel published by the NCT.

Egypt's NCT has agreed with the CCC to hold the Chinese-Arabic translation contest annually to train more professional Egyptian translators and increase the number of Chinese books translated into Arabic.

"Such contests give Egyptian translators more confidence and enthusiasm," NCT Director Anwar Moghith told Xinhua during the ceremony, adding "publishing Chinese books translated into Arabic is useful for Arab readers to learn more about China."